International Academic Collaboration Opportunity

Academic Conferences are events that gather academic staff together to share their ideas and discuss the ideas. Meet and communicate between researchers are substantial for the science community in order to evaluate. Both local and international conferences have a significant role in the academic world. Academic collaboration is the braking-pint of the conferences. Therefore, conferences should be organized more frequently.

Studies have shown that academic conferences help researchers to team up and think of results for problems that they cannot figure out by themselves. Plus, with seminars in academic conferences, people can gain knowledge from the most recent discoveries. Therefore, the physical conference’s expense would be getting higher proportional to its content. It is also a fact that participating in academic conferences may be hard for some people, some of them need to take a plane or a bus ticket to go to another city or a country for a 4-hour event.

The style of academic conferences has been changed due to the global pandemic. People from all over the world can participate in academic conferences with less effort. The needs are just a smart device and an internet connection. Virtual academic conferences are as helpful as physical ones. They present what is new for the world and gathers people from the same field.

Overall, academic conferences are a must for the community and should be done as helpful as possible for the participants.

Pandemic Period and Academicians

New global pandemic has been a too much tough period for researcher and academicians as well as others. Most of academic events have been postponed, cancelled. Or their formats has been changed. But the situation may not as bad as it is thought. This global crisis or pandemic period is opening new gates, projecting new ways of doing things and changing the way of thinking.

Not too long-time ego, at least some of our colleagues or administrative staffs degraded the online/ virtual activities, such as online conferences, online courses or distant education. Some of administrative staffs did not ratify our acceptance letter or certificates. But today all must accept the new situation. Education and learning will never come to a halt. Because of this urgency, recent number of online international conferences recently has increased significantly.

Comparing to classical type of conferences, online international conferences give us some opportunity of decreasing cost of participation, cutting travel cost and removing boring and time-consuming process of getting visa. Moreover, we do not have to take the risk of infection. Thus, participating in an international online conference may be more effective way to carry on our academic life.