Proceedings April 2021




April 01-03, 2021


Opening Session > 14:00-15:00 pm GMT / London Time

Opening Speech

D. Pak - Senior Lecturer at KIMEP University, Kazakhstan

E. Blyth - LIC Organizing Committee, UK

S. Ozdemir - Assoc. Prof. Dr. UKEY Consulting and Publishing, UK

Keynote Speakers > April 01, 14:10-15.00 pm GMT

Brent M. Davis, PhD, Westcliff University, Irvine, CA, USA

"Educating for the New Normal"

Sophia Butt, Doctoral Researcher at the University of

Birmingham, UK

"Covid-19 and Transformative Perspectives"

Economy & Business Session-I > April 01, 15:15-16:30 pm GMT

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. O. Nosova (Ukraine)

- J. O. Ekwoaba: Recapitalisation and Employee Compensation in Covid-19 Era: The Supposedly Conjoined Twins but

Separated by 2003-2005 Recapitalisation Exercise in the Nigerian Insurance Industry

- N. Atabaev & N. Alymkulova: The Effect of Remittances on Financial Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

- D. Rajan: Organization Structure and Practice Related Factors Causing Employee Turnover: An Empirical

Study among Nurses

- O. Nosova & T. Nosova: Employment Policy in the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis


Socialization & Health Care Session > April 02, 10:00-11:00 am GMT

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. I. Kurt (Netherland)

- E. P. Ermisah Syafril: The Tilik Tradition of Ngapak Kebumen Community as a Local Wisdom in

Strengthening Social Resilience Post-Corona Pandemic

- E. Eroglu & C. Delier: The Effect of Covid-19 on Mental Health

- I. Kurt: Covid-19 Shows New Ways to Socialize: Socio Virtualization

Education & Linguistic Session-I (Turkish) > April 02, 11:15 am-12:45 pm GMT

Session Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Y. Doganay (France)

- S. Yilmaz: Poet that Found His Own Voice with the Inspiration of “İkinci Yeni” Nihat


- N. Bodur & C. Ozdemir: Using Online Platforms in Teaching Turkish to


- C. Ozdemir & Y. Usta: Views of Al Level Learners on Listening Skills in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

- E. O. Uygur: Foreign Language Teaching, Methods and Techniques: Feynman Teaching Technique

- E. Sakariya: Evaluation of the Activities of Students Learning English as a Foreign Language in English Courses

Economy & Business Session-II (Russian) > April 02, 13:00 -14:30 pm GMT

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. O. Nosova (Ukraine)

- N. Qurbanov & F. Hosrovlu: Modern Aspects of Knowledge Management (Современные

особенности управления знаниями)

- S. Cara: Analysis of the Development of the Viticulture Industry in ATU Gagauzia (Aнализ

развития отрасли виноградарства в АТО Гагаузия)

- C. Tausanci: Multidimensional Economics Charts: A New Paradigm (Mногомерные экономика графиках:новая


- A. Cara: Analysis of the Poultry Industry in ATU Gagauzia (Анализ отрасли птицеводства в АТО



Education & Linguistic Session-II > April 03, 10:00-11:15 am GMT

Session Chair: Lecturer D. Pak (Kazakhstan)

- A. Inal: Is the Philosophy of Education Still Relevant for Educational Policy and Practice? Case of Horison Education Trust Schools in South Africa

- Y. Polat: Shed skin & Re skin: A Form and Meaning Study

- O. Yildirim & Y. Doganay: Advantages of Using Ipads in Classroom Instructions in Secondary Education

- D. Pak:E-Care is All Your Students Need

Economy & Business Session-III > April 03, 11:30 am-12:45 pm GMT

Session Chair: J. O. Ekwoaba (Nigeria)

- C. Schabasser: Out of equilibrium: Diversification and Experience in Response to Crisis

- M. A. Eroglu: E-Publishing Opportunities and Effects of Covid-19 in the Publishing Markets

- E. A. Mammadov & S. Ozdemir: The Effects of Covid-19 in Football Industry

- R. Malini & I. Malini: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Agriculture Insurance – Demand Side Vision

Networking Opportunities Session > April 03, 13:00-14:00 pm GMT

Session Moderators: Lecturer D. Pak (Kazakhstan) & Erin Blyth-LIC Organizing Committee, UK

- Closing Speeches and Networking Opportunities

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