Proceedings January 2021




January 28-30, 2021

January 28, 2021

Opening Speech

Olga Nosova-V.N. Karasin Kharkiv National University

1. Business Session I

Omar Farooq (Chair)

- D. Rajan: Role and compensation related factors causing heavy workload: an empirical study among sanitary workers.

- O. Nosova: System transformational changes in Ukraine.

2. Economy Session

Olga Nosova (Chair)

- J. O. Ekwoaba & C. O. Chidi: Wages and salaries determination and adjustments in the Nigerian public sector.

- C. P. Taushanzhi & S. I. Anastasov: Theory and practice of the Unified tax: Innovation in taxation.

January 29, 2021

3. Business Session II

Olga Nosova (Chair)

- R. Malini & E. Shanmugapriya: Police officers’ opinion on their work.

- Abubakar Tanko Mohammed: An Empirical View of Business Model Innovation in The Energy Sub-Sector (Electricity) of Nigeria

4. Digital Business Session

Omar Farooq (Chair)

- S. Ozdemir & M.A. Eroğlu: SWOT analysis of electronic publishing: Example of UKEY publishing.

- T. Valiyev: Digital transformation and business model

January 30, 2021

5. Business Session III

Selim Ozdemir (Chair)

- R. Malini & R. Raghadevi: Attitude of the top scorers towards societal cancer

- R. A. Aruna: IFS (Integrated Farming System): Utilization of by-products and wastes to attain self-sustainability

6. Education Session

Mehmet Ali Eroglu (Chair)

- S. Metin &Y. Doganay: The characteristics of parental attitudes of religious families in child-rising.

- I. Kurt: Future is near more than ever with its challenges for the world citizens: Education as a key.

- M. Tas, Y. Doganay & V. Odar: Making entrepreneurship happen and be acquired throughout education.

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