Proceedings June 2021




"The New Normal: Challenges on Education, Business, and Social Sciences"

June 03-05, 2021

June 03, Thursday

Opening Session: 14-15 pm GMT / London Time

Opening Speech

Moderator: I. Kurt, Prof. Dr. Stichting Cosmicus, NETHERLANDS

S. Ozdemir, Assoc. Prof. Dr. UKEY Consulting and Publishing, UK

Conference Chair: Brent M. Davis, PhD, Westcliff University, Irvine, CA, USA

Keynote Speakers

Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono, PhD, State Polytechnic Malang, INDONESIA

"National strategy to combat Covid 19"

Merjjena B. Hemp, PhD, Global Dialogue For Justice Founder, Director/Producer/Writer, USA

“Our world in the new normal: A complicated conversation

June 04, Friday

Education & Social Sciences Session-I > June 04, 12-13 pm GMT

Session Chair: Dr. R. Malini

- I. Stasa: The Politics of Gender Justice

- E. Culfa: Communication Problems and Solutions in Family and Social Relationships

- P. Aurchana & S. Prabavathy: Musical Instruments Sound Classification using GMM

- E. K. Sezgin: International Visitors Gastronomy Behaviours and Expectations: Aydin Province Model

- R. Malini & A. Ayisha: Impact of Migration on Personal Portrait of Migrants

Education & Social Sciences Session-II > June 04, 13-14 pm GMT

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. I. Kurt

- Y. Polat & Alimjan Zakirov: Kyrgyz and Its Challenges for Language Processing

- A. Cekrezi: “How Fair is Education Policy in Albania?

- A. E. Pohan, H. M. Daulay & A. Sahrir: Improving Teachers’ Professionalism Through Blended-Based Training in Indonesia’s Remote Area

- I. E. Bisen, F. Nalcaci, S. Alagappan & Y. Yildirim: The State of Education and Artificial Intelligence After the Pandemic

- I. Kurt: The Agents of Socialization Keep in Touch with Socio-Virtualization

June 05, Saturday

Business & Economic Session-I > June 05, 12-13 pm GMT

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. O. Nosova

- E. A. Mammadov & I. Asadov: "The Effects of COVID 19 on Small Businesses in Azerbaijan"

- B. E. Alechenu: "Economic Impact of Diaspora Remittance on Nigeria Economy"

- C. Schabasser: Digital? Local? Transparent? – Six Truths of Supply Chains after Covid-19

- O. Nosova: Employment Reduction as a Factor of Consumer Debt Growth in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Business & Economic Session-II > June 05, 13-14 pm GMT

Session Chair: Dr. D. Rajan

- B. E. Alechenu: The Impact of African Continental Free Trade agreement

- D. Rajan: Organization Structure and Management Practice Related Factors Causing Heavy Workload: An Empirical Study

Among Sanitary Workers
- B. E. Alechenu: Forensic analysis of the Impact of covid-19 pandemic on the South African Economy

- Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono, M. Fahim Tharaba. Shyamala Susan, Ali Nasith & M. Jasin:

"National strategy to combat Covid 19"

Closing & Networking Session > June 05, 14-15 pm GMT

Session Moderators: E. A. Mammadov-LIC Organizing Committee (Czechia ) & E. Blyth-LIC Organizing Committee, UK

- Closing Speeches and Networking Opportunities

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