Proceedings November2021




Future Career Opportunities

November 27, 2021

November 27, Saturday

Opening Session: 14:00 London Time

Conference Chair

Omar Farooq, LIC

Keynote Speaker

Associate Professor Ali Askerov


Session Chair: Omar Farooq-LIC

Christina Schabasser: Supply chain manager skills – The five most important and why

Durairaj Rajan: Awareness About Impacts of Heavy Workload on Health: An Empirical Study Among Sanitary Workers

Rahel Rizgar Jalal & Yakup Doganay: The Effects of Teaching Styles on Students’ Learning

Joy Onyinyechi Ekwoaba: Job Rationalization in the SMEs in Papa Area of Lagos State

Fatma Eroglu: Future Career of Information Technology

Session II> 15.30 London Time

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kurt

Busra Dokmen, Zahrah Butler & Yetkin Yildirim: Fostering Autonomy and Relatedness in Online Education

Kseniya Satsevich, Ibrahim Eren Bisen & Yetkin Yildirim: Is Online Education a Setback or Step-Forward?

Emine Tunc, Nausheen Hossain, Arkasama Bandyopadhyay, Ambereen Haq & Yetkin Yildirim: Social and Emotional Learning in K-12 Schools and Higher Education Institutions: Relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic

H. Emre Tosun & Eyüp Zengin: Urban Restoration Policies in the Process of Creating a Resistant City

İbrahim Kurt: Not About the Changing but Values