Proceedings September 2021




"Digital Humanities"

September 02-04, 2021

September 04, Saturday

Opening Session: 10.00 am London Time

Opening Speeches

Moderator: Elman Mammadov

Conference Chair: Prof. Dr. Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono


Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono

M Fahim Tharaba, Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono , Shyamala Susan, Rosida Kerin Meirani: Evolution in human resources management

Begench Soyunov: Analysis of the Influence of Business Opportunities, Shopping, Transportation, Safety, Clean Environment, and Government Services on City Brand Attitude and Intention to Continue Living Satellite City Population

Albert Efendi: Virtualization of teaching skills improvement in online learning for Riau Islands University students in Indonesia

Begench Soyunov: Communication Strategies Used by Students of English Conversation Club of Sragen Bilingual Boarding School

Mehmet Ali Eroğlu: Digital transformation with the pandemic era

Session II> 13.00 pm. London Time

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kurt

Elsa Putri Ermisah Syafril: Traditional games as fun media in strengthening multiple intelligence during learning at home in the corona pandemic

Akif Celepcikay, Yetkin Yildirim: Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in education

Christina Schabasser: Keep the libraries running! The crucial role of the volunteer

Emin Alp Arslan, Kamil Yildirim, Ibrahim Bisen, Yetkin Yildirim: Reimagining education with artificial intelligence

İbrahim Kurt: Practice and theory need each other for social life and values in digital humanities concept

Taushanzhi Constantine: Humanitarian dimension of economic growth: problems and judgments

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